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Training Available from the TDDTF

Tennessee Dangerous Drugs Task Force Training

The TDDTF conducts a variety of training for law enforcement, first responders, government organizations, and community groups. TDDTF training can be custom designed for In-Service training, or to fit individual group needs and time constraints.

Requests for training can be submitted by using the form at the bottom of this page. Clan Lab and ACS courses are only offered when funds are available to schedule them. The others can be provided as for local agencies and commuty groups. POST approval for law enfrocement officers and continuing education credits for Community Prevention Specialists can be acquired for training.

Basic Clan Lab Certification Course

The Clan Lab Certification Course provides 40+ hours of training for officers that results in their certification to identify, smaple, dismantle, and process clandestine meth lab sites. This invaluable training is provided at no cost to local and state law enforcmeent officers.

Clan Lab Recertification Training

This training is a one day course conducted several times a year at locations all across Tennessee. It includes updates on the latest clandestine meth lab trends, redfresher training on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), decontamination, protective mask fitting, and reviewing current medical screening for officers.

ACS (Authorized Central Storage) Training

This training provides law enforcement officers with the skills necessary to safely identify and process the different types of hazardous material found in clandestine meth labs. This includes the identification, neutralization, and packing of acids, bases, and flammables, as well as the unregulated waste in the labs. Officers will also be introduced to steps for safely handling active One Pot meth labs.

Meth 101

This course review the history of meth manufacturing, effects on the meth users, identification of clandestine meth labs, and a detailed analysis of the One Pot manufacturing method. Attendees will also discuss current trends, prevention and enforcement support, and Drug Endangered Children found at meth lab sites.

Meth Awareness for Patrol Officers

This training is a 30 minute course offered online at TBI Learn. The training is POST certified. Individual law enforcement officers can sign up for and complete the training. Agency Training Officers can arrange for all of their officers to obtain access to the training.

Drug Diversion Investigations

Prescription Drug Diversion investigations training is conducted by officers who have had many successes in this type of drug investigation. All aspects of Diversion training will be discussed. The training can be tailored to individual needs.

Education Resource


Training Request Form

Complete this Training Request From to request training from the TDDTF.

The DEA's Operation Prevention

An online training resource for middle and high school students, parents, and teachers.

TDDTF Training Schedule

Course Name

Training Dates

Contact Information for the Course

ACS Certification Course

Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2017

Log onto the DI3 to request to attend this training. Officers can also email Kim Litman or call 423-752-1479 for more information.

ACS Certification Course

June 15 - 17, 2017

Log onto the DI3 to request to attend this training. Officers can also email Kim Litman or call 423-752-1479 for more information.

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