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Clandestine Meth Lab

The Drug Enforcement Administration defines a clandestine meth lab as "Any combination of glassware and chemicals that has been or could be used in a drug lab."

This definition tells us the cooking process begins when the cook collects the material and chemicals necessary to manufacture the meth. Meth labs remain dangerous even after the waste is discarded. Law enforcement should be notified immediately if these labs are encountered during any part of the process.


Meth lab seizures continue their decline in Tennessee in 2016. There were 302 meth lab seizures reported by law enforcement officers in Tennessee during the first nine months of 2016. This represents a decrease of 165 meth labs in 2016 when they are compared with the same period in 2015. This represents a 35.33% decrease from 2015!

The occurrence of meth labs seizures has been decreasing for several years in Tennessee. They reached their peak in February of 2013 when 213 meth labs were reported for the month. That month marked the high point for meth lab seizures and it was the second month the I Hate Meth Act was in effect in Tennessee. Labs were being reported at a rate of seven a day then. There is just over one meth lab per day reported in Tennessee now. Lab seizures in Tennessee have decreased 78.4% from Feb 2013 to Feb 2016!

Meth use and meth related incidents have risen dramatically during the same time period that meth lab seizures have decreased. Meth incidents reported by law enforcement officers have risen over 80% during the same time period that meth lab seizures have decreased. Law Enforcement officers believe this is due to a massive influx of meth distributed by Mexican National Drug Trafficking Organizations who have drastically reduced the price of meth in order to sell more of their product.




Meth Seizure Map for 2015

Map showing Meth Lab Seizure Totals for 2015.

Meth Seizure Map for 2016

Map showing Meth Lab Seizure Totals for 2016.

Monthly Meth Lab Seizure Chart

Chart showing lab seizure totals by month from 2012 through 2016.

2016 Lab Seizure Table

A list of meth lab seizures in Tennessee sorted by County.

Meth Incident Trend Maps

Maps showing the number of meth related incidents by county from 2011 - 2015.

Percocet Warning

TBI warning about fake Percocet pills being sold on the streets.

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