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Narcan (naloxone) Funding Opportunity

Narcan (naloxone) Funding Opportunity

The BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBS) Health Foundation and the University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC) have teamed up to offer training and supplies of Narcan (naloxone) to law enforcement agencies in Tennessee.

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Narcan nasal spray and injectors

Narcan has proven itself to be a lifesaver for people who are experiencing drug overdose. Law enforcement officers are sometimes the only first responder available to assist drug users who are experiencing the effects of drug overdose and have enough time to take the action necessary to stop the overdose and save a life. But they need Narcan to do it. The purpose of this grant is to provide law enforcement officers with supplies of Narcan and training in using it.

Agencies who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should complete the grant application and return it to Chelsea Johnson with the BCBS Health Foundation. She is also the best point of contact for questions regarding this grant. Her contact information is below.

Law enforcement agencies may request nasal or injection use applications of the product. However, they should also provide as much information as possible regarding their plan for Narcan training, implementation, and sustainment of Narcan use in their department. Agencies who already know where they would like to receive Narcan supplies from can submit the supplier information and price with their application. Those who do not will have Narcan supplies provided by the BCBS Health Foundation.

The LEIC may be able to assist with training. They have produced a video for use. One officer per agency must be trained by the LEIC in order to receive Narcan supplies through this grant. A link to their training video is listed below. Their website can be found at

  • Chelsea C. Johnson
  • Community Relations Foundation Program Manager
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
  • 423-535-3240

Narcan Grant Information Links

Item Name


Narcan Grant Application

Complete this application and return it to Chelsea Johnson to request support from the Narcan Grant supplies.

LEIC Website

A link to the University of Tennessee Law Enforcement Innovation Center website.

Narcan Training Video

The LEIC has created this Narcan information presentation for law enforcement ond publis use.

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