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Providing a no cost, single point resource to officers investigating meth-related offenders, offenses, and other meth related information. Funding officer clan lab training at no charge to those attending or their agency. Additionally, buying and distributing to each attendee the equipment needed to process a lab. Assisting LE officers to identify, arrest, and prosecute those who manufacture and distribute methamphetamine. This includes gathering evidence, and the safe and proper disposition of a lab. Travel throughout the state providing educational and awareness briefings, displays, and material to civic groups, schools, churches, and other organizations. Provides overtime reimbursement to local and state LE officers who process clandestine meth lab sites and investigate complex meth investigations. Eleven Response trucks are deployed throughout the state, providing 24/7 incident response, support, protective equipment, decontamination, wireless redundant voice and data communications to LE at clan lab sites.
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